Growing What I Eat

This site is a collection of links that will bring you to posts I've written about raising food for my small household, listed in chronological order by loose category. Since I believe in eating well—in all senses—I believe in growing a lot of what I eat.

General Garden Information
It Began
The Double Sided Nature of Growing Food in a Desert
Ethics of Vegetable Gardening
Expanding the Plot 2007
Building the New Plot 2007
Exchanging SeedsWhy Save Seeds? The question is answered in this post.
Plant Sales
How much of our own we're able to grow
Citrus in California


Tomatoes 2007
Seeds for Fall 2007
Fall 2007
Seed Starting 2008
Beans 2008
Beans in Pots 2008
Identifying pepper (capsicum) species for seed saving 2011


Stone fruit and apples 2010
More on stone fruit and apples 2010
The lessons of 2010
How to mulch under an orchard 2011
Progress 2012
Thinning Fruit
Desert Delight nectarine harvest 2012
Arctic Star nectarine harvest 2012
Eva's Pride peach harvest 2012
Lady Williams Apple 2013

Peppers, Tomatoes, and Melons 2007
Root Crops Fall 2007
Green Crops Fall 2007
Managing Fava Beans and Sugar Snap Vines Winter 2008
Potatoes in Pots 2011
Salad Burnett
Fava Beans
Portuguese Cabbage

Dealing (or not) with Problems
Tomato Leaf Curl
Melons: Protecting Fruit While Growing Vertically
Bugs 2007Weeds 2008
Tomato Blossom Drop 2008Slugs and sowbugs 2011
Yellow Dwarf Virus 2011
Root Knot Nematodes
Basil 2007
Tomatoes 2007

Melon, Tigger 2007
Melons 2007
Peas, Favas, and Green Vegetables Winter 07-08
Armenian Cucumbers Summer 2008
Fish Pepper 2008
Rainbow Watermelon 2008
Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Winter Squash 2008
Red Ruffled Pepper 2008
Homer Fike's Yellow Oxheart Tomato 2008
Tatsoi Winter 2009
Garlic 2009
Tomatoes: Japanese Black Trifele, Teton de Venus, Eva's Purple Ball, and Opalka 2009
Tomato: Not Wes 2009
Summer Roundup 2009
How to Harvest and Cure Garlic 2010
Garlic Harvest Notes by Variety 2010
Tomatoes: Guernsey Island Pink Blush, Goose Creek, Linnie's Oxheart, Kosovo, Black and Brown Boar, Brad's Black Heart, and Green Pineapple 2010
Sweet Potatoes 2010
Sweet Potatoes 2011
Beans 2013

Other People's Gardens
An Interview with Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor's Farm
Observations of Italian Agricultural Practices
Exchanging Crops
Doctor Banana
Visiting Bill Best and the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center
Flying Disc Date Ranch
The Farm at Covina High School
Southern California Nurseries
UCR Citrus Collection

I share seeds through Seed Savers' Exchange. My code is CA WE C.


Jean Ann said...

Hi there,
I wanted to let you know that I have a ton of seeds...and if you go to my blog, you will see a link to my massive seed list...but that isn't all I have, just all I have had time to write down...let me know if you want to swap a few seeds...

emily said...

I was wondering if you had and 'spare' seeds that you would be willing to send my way.
im brand new to gardening and seed saving, so unfortunately I have nothing to offer for trades right now, but id be happy to keep in touch and in the future send whatever seeds you like as I get going :).

Christina said...

Hi Emily. What is it that you are interested in? Send me an email and we can work something out.

Voide said...

sorry, i didnt see your email on your profile anywhere, so Im just posting here instead. You can email me at rustedpyre at gmail dot com, if you like.
Im interested in everything and anything! i want to try them all. I am also in a desert, tho I am very high altitude here in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Woodland Ways said...

Hi Christina- I am also a new gardener. I recently moved to a home near the finger lakes region to a property with only grass. ugh! well- clean slate I guess. I have no seeds to trade yet but am trying to get started. Please let me know if you have any seeds that can help me out. I am happy for anything to plant in the spring. Warmly, Catalina

rtfgvb780 said...
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Thiruppathy Raja said...
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